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Breaking News from Ocean State ProcuresTM!

Bid Board is LIVE 06/01/2020! - Online agency/buyer solicitation development, posting and vendor award process with enhanced features such as vendor acknowledgement of addenda, increased agency visibility into the bid progression, electronic vendor proposal submissions and virtual bid openings. To respond to the Bid Board opportunities on our Solicitations page. Bidders must be soft registered in Ocean State ProcuresTM To get registered click HERE.

Vendor Registration and Management is LIVE! Vendors can register, self-manage their account data and add users within their organization.  Coming soon, Vendors will also be able to view active and archived solicitations, submit bid/proposal responses, process invoices online and view payment records. We strongly encourage Vendors with active business with the State to register at your earliest convenience to transition your contracts into OSP. If you have any questions on the vendor registration process, please contact Proactis at webprocure.support@perfect.com or call 1-866-889-8533.

To register, click here.

Contract Board is LIVE! - This is the new centralized repository for contracts issued by the Division of Purchases. Visitors will experience substantial search and filter capabilities for optimal retrieval of the requested contract data. The Contract Board presently contains Master Price Agreements, agency contracts will be included coming soon throughout 2019.

To view the new Contract Board, click here.

The new Contract Board will be replacing the “MPA Search Board” on our former Purchases website.

Coming Soon from Ocean State ProcuresTM!

Catalog Management (COMING SOON) -  An online shopping experience via an electronic centralized directory of goods and services accessible by agency users.  These collections of items to procure will enhance user search and retrieval experience.  Suppliers will be able to self-service their catalogs, keeping their catalogs current.

Contract Management (COMING SOON) - Centralized repository that will improve visibility and control of contracts throughout the lifecycle.  This will provide spend data, promote consolidation and timely renegotiation of contracts.  All permitted users will have access at any given time with system functionality to track contract stages as new, expired, and soon to expire. 

Order Management(COMING SOON) – Order management consists of agency requisition initiation, agency receiving, vendor invoicing, vendor payment integration and RIFANS integration.  Enhanced compliance with all sourcing, authorization and financial controls. Enhanced visibility to all requisition approvers and efficient approval process allowing multiple approvers to approve at any time.

To learn more about Ocean State ProcuresTM and what to expect, please see our OSP Information page.  Please check in regularly for the latest updates as the OSP Implementation progresses.