About Us

Welcome Message from the Purchasing Agent:

Welcome to the new Division of Purchases website! In an effort to improve and consolidate the information and resources we provide, we have updated and revised our website. 

Our new website has been thoughtfully designed and developed to give users easy access to key information in order to promote a mutually beneficial relationship between the State of Rhode Island and the Division of Purchases and all the state agencies and suppliers we serve. 

In conjunction with our redesigned website, we are also implementing a new online eProcurement System, “Ocean State Procures”.  To learn more about this exciting endeavor visit the “Doing Business with Us” icon on the home page.

We encourage you to let us know, at any time, if you have comments, suggestions or issues we can address. Please feel free to contact us at DOA.Purchasing@purchasing.ri.gov or call us at (401) 574-8100.

Thank you,
Nancy R. McIntyre, Purchasing Agent