PROC 401 - Procurement & Solicitation Professional

The PROC 401 self-guided curriculum is designed to instruct and provide helpful tips to Procurement and Solicitation Professionals.

Procurement Guides, Instructions, Checklists, and Forms are included in PROC 401.

-Nancy McIntyre, State Purchasing Agent

Procurement & Solicitation Professionals

Procurement Processes for Procurement & Solicitation Professional

  • Learning & System Guidance Curriculum

    Tight timelines, complex rules, and limited staff resources can make it difficult for agencies to plan and execute procurements in ways that maximize the likelihood of positive outcomes for clients or innovations that increase value for taxpayers. Extra assistance on procurement can help agencies focus attention on and elevate the most important factors for improving the results of RFPs and the resulting contracts.

  • Processing & Action Repository

    Get the Forms and Templates you need to get the job done. For instance, the OSP Request for Proposal (RFP) Template and Conflict of Interest Form.

  • All Curriculums begin with Pre-Requisite PROC 101 | Rhode Island Division of Purchases (

Next Step

If you Manage Contracts and have not taken PROC 301 - Contract Manager, please take the 301 Curriculum.

If you are a Requisitioner and have not taken PROC 201 - Requisitioner, please take the 201 Curriculum. 

Because each Curriculum is designed to provide all materials that meet the Learning and Actions associated with that specific procurement role, you may see some materials cross over between Curriculums.

When you have completed PROC 401

You have gained knowledge of the Procurement Processes and Solicitation role, and discovered the helpful resource guides, tips, checklists, and forms that are available to you at any time.

Return to PROC 401 or visit the Agency Procurement Library to access these resources.

Congratulations and Thank You for completing the PROC 401 Curriculum.

-Nancy McIntyre, State Purchasing Agent

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