Ocean State Procures FAQs

OSP Implementation and Transition

Yes, the Department of Transportation (DOT) will take advantage of the improved functionality and transparency of the OSP system. All DOT bid opportunities including all public bid opportunities currently utilizing Quest Lite software, DOTs horizontal construction bids, and Questions and answers will transition to OSP. Advance training and on-going training assistance will be provided to vendors as DOT transitions to OSP.

Click on the Bidding Opportunities icon on the ridop.ri.gov home page.

Because we are implementing OSP in a phased-in approach until we reach full implementation other RFQs and RFPs will be posted in both the OSP Bid Board and the RIVIP System during the current phase. Note that active Open Enrollment opportunities are now posted on the OSP Bid Board.

No, RIVIP is strictly for RIVIP Bids. OSP login credentials are required for access to OSP.

During OSP transition bidders will log in to the OSP system to respond to OSP bid opportunities and will certify questions as prompted during the electronic bid response process. Bidders will use the RIVIP system to generate the RIVIP Vendor Certification Cover Form and submit responses as instructed for RIVIP bid postings.

OSP Registration

Vendors and Bidders can self-register at any time. Go to the OSP registration page.

Soft registration requires minimal information and will grant immediate access to review solicitation opportunities and respond to bid postings.

Full registration is complete upon using your login to access the WebProcure log in page and upload your IRS W-9 Form. This must be completed before a vendor can be awarded a contract or receive payment from the State of Rhode Island.

OSP allows the organization’s main contact to grant access and allocate chosen permissions to multiple staff.

The organization is already registered. The Help Desk can assist you to become registered under your oganization, Contact WebProcure Technical Support at 1-866-889-8533 or webprocure.support@perfect.com.

OSP Bid Board Opportunities

The OSP Bid Board is an electronic, web-based resource point for Bidders to view and respond to current, active bidding opportunities that are available with the State.

The OSP Bid Board is open to public viewing. No registration is required.

Bidders must have a soft registration to respond to open bidding opportunities.

To access the OSP Bid Board click on the Bidding Opportunities icon located on the ridop.ri.gov home page.

Bidders must have a soft registration in OSP and select relevant UNSPSC codes for notifications.

Open Enrollments (OEs)

Active Open Enrollments (OEs) opportunities are now posted to the OSP Bid Board. OEs were formerly posted as Continuous Recruitments in the RIVIP system.

Open Enrollments (OEs) are the first bid type to be posted to the OSP Bid Board. As we roll out functionality, we will phase-in Requests for Quotes (RFQs), Requests for Proposals (RFPs), and Requests for Information (RFIs).

OSP Login, Help Desk and Technical Support

Contact WebProcure Technical Support at 1-866-889-8533 or webprocure.support@perfect.com.

Contact WebProcure Technical Support at 1-866-889-8533 or webprocure.support@perfect.com.

In the event you have questions or require technical support for the OSP system you can get help in two ways:

  • Live, telephone Customer Support – Is available to all Bidders from 8 AM to 8 PM ET, Weekdays, Monday through Friday by calling, toll-free, 1-866-889-8533

  • Email Support – A Bidder can submit any question or issue they have to get support by sending an email to customersupport@proactis.com

RIVIP Registration