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OSP Solicitations First-Year Anniversary

February 14, 2023.

OSP Balloons

It is a pleasure to celebrate the first-year anniversary of successfully transitioning agency Solicitations to the OSP platform.

Bidders now post their bid responses online, and agencies receive evaluation bid documents electronically.

It's a win-win for all!



OSP Special Perks
Nancy McIntyre, State Purchasing Agent

Over 10,000 vendors are registered to bid with our State.

About OSP Vendor Registration

  • All vendors must have a full/approved registration in OSP to be issued a Purchase Order.

  • The OSP Registration Landing Page is where vendors go to get registered.

  • Full registration is approved by Accounts and Control and allows purchase order issuance and bidding.

  • Soft registration allows vendors to bid.

  • The OSP Host Provider Proactis/WebProcure Help Desk 1-866-889-8533 can tell vendors if their organization is registered.


Thanks for being great partners as we celebrate 10,000+ vendor registrations and our first year of OSP Agency Solicitations!

- The Rhode Island Division of Purchases Team