PROC 501 - Leadership Level

The PROC 501 self-guided curriculum is an introduction to the State's Centralized Purchasing Division and primary procurement information at a high-level. The deep dive is reserved for your agency procurement professionals.

Thank you for your interest in Rhode Island State Procurement Practices and the Rhode Island Division of Purchases. Leadership support in promoting the Procurement Campus to agency procurement staff is greatly appreciated.

-Nancy McIntyre, State Purchasing Agent

Procurement for Agency Leadership

Procurement for Leadership

The Procurement for Leadership section is a self-guided navigation to key information that we have indexed for your knowledge.

The Leadership Awareness section catalogues proposal creation and evaluation processes tools and guides available to your staff. These materials are included in the PROC 401 - Procurement & Solicitation Professional Curriculum.

Wrap Up

Your understanding of RI Procurement, and knowledge of procurement tools available for your staff has been broadened. 

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Thank you from Nancy McIntyre