Vendor Training Center

You can access Vendor Training and Guides for using the OSP System here.

Training on Bidder Response, Registration and Website Navigation includes three Video Resources and two Guides.

Use the OSP Solicitation Response Checklist and Support Guide when responding to a bid.

All vendors surveyed during our June 2022 sessions responded "Yes" to the question "Would you recommend this training session to your associates?". You have access to the same resources used during our live training sessions here.

-Nancy McIntyre, Purchasing Agent

Vendor Training Video Series

Vendor OSP Registration Video

Our Supplier Coordinator provides guidance on OSP registration, and how to determine the approval status of your registration. Do you know who to call when you need help? Learn HERE (5:42min)

RI Purchases Website Tour for Vendors

Our Website Editor takes you on a tour of the RI Purchases website, public facing solicitation opportunities and awarded contracts, plus other vendor resources and helpful tips. Discover more by taking the tour HERE  (13:37min) 

Vendor OSP Solicitation Response

Our Training Team demonstrates the OSP system’s internal functionality for submitting responses to RFQ and RFP Solicitations per Rhode Island’s Procurement Processes. See need to know steps such as check-the-box and fill-in-the-blanks, along with other helpful tips HERE (23:53min)

Guides and Checklist

OSP Solicitation Response Checklist and Support Guide

OSP Bid Response Checklist and Support Guide
OSP Solicitation Response Checklist and Support Guide
Vendor Check List to use while Responding to a Solicitation - click HERE 

Register Here

Register Here