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MPAs are Master Price Agreements

MPAs are on the OSP Contract Board

Agency and Municipal Procurement Planning

A great starting point for agencies and municipalities planning to procure is to search for an MPA that fits the procurement need and procurement threshold amount.

See the MPA User Guides for instructions and threshold amounts.

Agency and Municipal Emergency Preparedness, Response and Recovery

Purchases supports agencies and municipalities before, during and after emergency preparedness and disaster recovery by providing a portfolio of MPAs that are readily available for use.

Vendor, Agency and Municipality Access to Existing MPA Contracts

Access existing MPAs on the OSP Contract Board. Each MPA Contract Page begins with the Description Summary, Contract Administrator Name & eMail Address, Agreement Type (Purchase Agreement/State or Cooperative Agreement/External Organization), Contract Periods with Renewal Option Term Dates. Scroll further down the page to see vendor contacts, followed by the “Attachments” section that allows download access to the existing Awards and User Guides. At the base of the page use the share button to copy the link for the specific MPA to bookmark and share.

State MPAs and Cooperative Participations

State MPAs are solicited by the State as bidding opportunities.

Cooperative Participation MPAs are hosted by Public Procurement Organizations and allow for State Participation. These MPAs are referred to as Cooperative, or Coop MPAs.

Vendor State MPA Opportunities

State Opportunities are posted on the OSP Bid Board. Vendors should monitor the OSP Bid Board for active MPA solicitations. Click on the respective links below to learn about:

Open Enrollments

Certain State-Issued MPAs provide for Open Enrollment Periods enabling vendors to submit a bid response over a specified period during a portion of the MPA term. OE submissions may be submitted at any time during the OE period, and will be opened/awarded by the buyer on a quarterly or semi-annual basis. Vendors interested in these opportunities will see the words “Open Enrollment” or the acronyms “OE” or “OEV” in theOSP Bid Board Solicitation Number.

OSP Bid Board

The OSP Bid Board is an external portal that hosts the Ocean State ProcuresTM (OSP) bidding opportunities posted by the Rhode Island Division of Purchases for MPAs and Requests for Proposals and Quotes on behalf of centralized agencies. To submit a bid, Vendors must respond to the solicitation by performing their bid response in the OSP portal. Notable requirements for a vendor to submit a bid response include internet connectivity and at a minimum, a soft registration that will enable login access to the OSP Portal.

Ocean State ProcuresTM (OSP) Procurement Portal

Ocean State ProcuresTM (OSP) is the Rhode Island Division of Purchases electronic procurement module. The module is hosted by a third party and allows public access to view the OSP Contract Board and OSP Bid Board on our website. Vendor registration is performed online through the vendor registration portal. Vendors with active login credentials access the portal for enhanced user features and to respond to bids.


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